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  • Brief Company History of BF Goodrich

BF Goodrich, a popular brand name of tires is actually owned by the Michelin tire company. The Goodrich Corporation sold the tire business and use of the name in to Michelin in 1988.

  • Where are BF Goodrich tires made / manufactured?

Michelin reports that 85% of the tires it sells in North America (including BF Goodrich) are made in North America. The remaining 15% are made in many different parts of the world. Two of the manufacturing locations in the US include Tuscaloosa, AL and Woodburn, IN.

  • What types of tires does BF Goodrich make / manufacture?

BF Goodrich makes tires for all types of vehicles including tuner cars, sports cars, passenger cars, SUVs, Sport Trucks, Pickup Trucks and off road vehicles. BF Goodrich even provides tires to professional racing teams.

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